Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miguel's Nordavinden

I've been riding the bicycle for several months and - first things first - it is far and away THE most enjoyable and nicest bike I've ever owned and/or ridden!  Obviously your skills and savoir-faire and inspired enginnering are a large part of that so - so I wanted to thank you.  Other factors that contirbute to the bike's handling are 33mm Jack Brown tires (from Rivendell) - which are truly not only cushy but surprisingly fast too and obviously contribute a lot to the bike's handling...It is equipped with (centerpull) brakes that are powerful, smooth, and stop on a metaphoric dime.  The handlebars are Velo Orange's randonneur model with the slightly flared shape which I'm appreciating more and more as I put in more time...

Note the hammered V-O fenders which, surprisingly, don't add that much weight.  The bag is a beautiful made-in-Korea Zimbale (a very high-end Carradice copy).  Here's a closer angle at the ancient center-pulls, sitting above the front fender.

Another angle showing, among other things, the bar-ends (I've got a fondness for bar-ends), and a resonant brass bell (useful for rush hour on the local bike paths).  The pedals btw are my old and faithful Speedplay Frogs, surprisingly comfortable and efficient. 

Looking from behind, you can see the capacious saddlebag, and also the saddle - a Cardiff, a very very nice Brooks copy, made in the same small Taiwan shop which Velo Orange also uses for their saddles.

A view of the bottom triangle with the Ultegra drivetrain and front derailleur.  Doug set it up with a 3x9 which has plenty of gearing for the local mountains, both the Skiskiyous to the West and the Cascades to the East.  And, damn!  Your decals are beautiful.

Here is a slightly closer look at the incredibly comfortable saddle, the rear center-pulls - and those 700x33.3 Jack Browns.

This is a nice angle of some of the front geometry.  Note the extra long MTB-style brake pads that Doug stuck on, on the theory that they provide more stopping power.  I don't know if that's really true or not, but once or twice, coming down hills at over 35 mph, it's nice to know that when you apply the brakes, you will actually S-T-O-P.  The handlebar tape btw is the relatively cushy Cinelli cork - which is really comfy.

Here's the Ultegra rear derailleur.

A slightly different perspective, looking down in front and on top.  If you look straight down, you can see a little of the check board pattern on the Jack Brown's - which, in addition to going fast doing so comfortably, look cool imho.

And last but not least, the classic rear Weinmann copy Dia-Compe's which I am irrationally fond of.

Did I mention the fact that this is the nicest - and best - bicycle I've ever owned and/or ridden?

It is.

So I owe you my sincere and very real thanks, Sean.



Eric Daume said...

I have an irrational love of those brakes. What model DC are they? This has me thinking about a Nordavinden again!

Sean said...

Hi Eric,

Those are the DC 750.