Friday, October 1, 2010

rSogn Design Recap and Order

Wheel Size
  • 650b
  • .8/.5/.8 and/or .9/.6/.9 standard diameter, depending on frame size.
Geometry and Sizes
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Extra Large

Tire Clearance
  • 74mm, up to 58c
  • Cantilever bosses
  • Tight-low bend
  • Pacenti MTB fork crown
  • 385mm axle-to-crown length
  • 1 1/8” steerer
  • At least 350mm steerer length
  • Front rack mount hole
  • Lowrider mounts
  • 63mm rake
  • Double-eyelet cast stainless steel front and rear sockets

    • Rear-facing seat post clamp slot
    • Three water bottle mounts on the frame
    • Head tube reinforcing rings a la the Drakkar
    • Seatstay rack mounts
    • Equidistance rear fender mounts facing the tire
    • Brake cable stops at 10 o’clock
    • Stainless steel chain hanger
    • Down tube shifter mounts
    • 132.5mm rear spacing
    • TIG-welded pump peg on the seat tube
    • Bottom bracket cable guide mount
    • Metallic pewter
    • $250: Deposit link here
    • Contact us by email here


    Anonymous said...

    My check being in the mail, this request is technically pointless. But, any chance you can post what "metallic pewter" will look like?

    And, of course, congratulations on completing the first phase of your project, and congratulations and thanks to all who contributed!


    Sean said...

    Mark, thanks! I will post the color and some more images and information by tomorrow.

    Garrett Belmont said...

    Awesome! This will no doubt be a classic design. Now to choose MD or ML...

    Michael_S said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Michael_S said...

    I guess I had faith that the Pewter would win as I placed my order online this morning 1st thing. Now it turned out just perfect!

    I have to say this was a great idea and excellent and strategy to involve the end user in a frame.
    Now I can devote my time to figuring out a build kit and acquiring those parts.


    Anonymous said...

    Can you specify which sizes will get which tubing. I know the ML size is in the middle and I'm crossing my fingers it gets the 8/5/8 tube set.

    Anonymous said...

    Ditto. Please let us know the cutoff point for the lighter tubes. I'm between sizes and that would make my decision for me.

    Joe said...

    Will you be able to post the paint code so we'd be able to get fenders or racks painted to match?

    James Black said...

    Congratulations, good work, and thanks! This is going to be such a great bike.

    Jim G said...

    Sorry, I think I previously put this comment on the Snekka thread... Can you give us more info on the Ti version of the rSogn? Should we put down a $250 deposit for that one? Thanks!

    Russ said...

    +1 on the ti version info.

    +1 on the "thanks!"

    Protorio said...

    Nice work. I like to see how user comments made their way into frame design. Very good stuff here.

    stevep33 said...

    I have maybe a dumb question that's probably already been answered...

    For tire clearance on the rSogn, what do you mean by 74mm (in addition to 58c)? 58c is tire width I assume, but is 74 the distance between tubes in the fork or rear triangle?

    rcnute said...

    Sean: The standover height seems high for the respective sizes...are those measurements right?

    Anyone: I haven't been paying very good attention, so sorry if I missed this. What are front rack options for the rSogn? Matching small-ish porteur racks would be sweeeet...


    giant hogweed said...

    What Ryan said. A matching rack would be nice.

    Anonymous said...

    Sean, could you please specify by what length the head and seat tubes will extend above the top tube? Especially the head tube extension matters quite a lot when it comes to frame sizing.

    Thanks and great project!

    Michael_S said...

    Ryan, I think the tall stand over is due to the Neo Moto height. With some Hetre's it will be 2+cm lower.
    85 s/o on the ML that I ordered is a little scary with my PBH of 86 with shoes on. I'm not sure I'll ever run the Neo's so I'm not concerned. I prob will run the Quasi as the off road tire.

    Aaron said...

    Hi guys,

    It's been fun being a bit of a fly on the wall for this process. For those of us who are a little late to the party, I was wondering if you'd be willing to put up a little "version 0.1" ad copy for each of the bikes. You know, "The Snekka is a .... designed for ... (insert aspirational stuff here)" Might help us who are having trouble imagining the whole from the parts.

    Not that you have anything else to do..


    Anonymous said...

    +1 to what Aaron said.