Thursday, October 7, 2010


As promised, here is what I have for the rSogn. I am wrestling with these two shades of metallic pewter:

The first one, 7668, is dark silver. The second one, 7670, is the same with a hint of bronze. Which one should I pick?



Anonymous said...

those are reminiscent of the colors used for the '82 (7670) and '83 (7668) Trek 720. I always thought the bronze tint made the '82 look dingy, so I would definitely vote for the 7668.


Anonymous said...

I would go for the neutral dark silver. The bronze might look like an odd (mis-)match with shiny silver components.

Michael_S said...

yes the 7668 silver is more of a pure silver. I'll vote for that color.


John Grasty said...


While I like the other shade as well. I agree that with the posts above that matching may be a bit off and may look a bit dingy.

7668 it is–for me at least.

Thanks for posting this btw.

Protorio said...


Fred Blasdel said...


An even darker neutral silver would be even better

Bonde said...

As usual I am in the minority on this (I really like the original Rawland red!), but my initial preference was for the bronz-ish 7670. It seems more unique, classy. However, the darkness of the 7668 is very appealing.

It's hard to tell from swatches though, and in the end I think either would be really nice.

dolan said...

Also vote for the first.

It's a bit reminiscent of the dark gray metallic color Fat used on some of their Yo Eddy! frames, but lighter, as befits a lower fat frame :)

Also, the beige bleeds in a little close to the Drakkar pallette.

giant hogweed said...

I vote 7668

Seabiscuit said...


stevep33 said...

7668 is perfect.
7669 is almost gold and would clash with just about everything.

dolan said...


Were you thinking of something like this?

It's very close to the Yo Eddy! color I had envisaged, perhaps even darker.

Rob in Seattle said...

On my screen I prefer the 7668.

Here's another Riv (Gino's Saluki) that hits the color spot for me, that is a custom color close to PPG DCC36325, Medium Taupe Metallic:

Neutral to slightly warm is good I think. Don't want it to be "champagne" or beige-y. In terms of "identity" something that is close to titanium might be good, since the other rSogn will be bare metal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Bonde said...

The color on that Saluki is very nice!

Anonymous said...

7670. I like the warmer undertone, I think it's closer to my old titanium Spectrum.

The auto guys think it goes with silver:

Now we only need about 20 more 7670s and it's OVER!


Anonymous said...

Every time my laptop tilts these color samples change and one looks like the other one just did. Part of the problem is the "metallic" element, which makes the samples on the computer look like carpet squares. Obviously will look better on a bike, but oddly, metallic finishes give a bike a distinctly non-metallic look, especially within the metal color palette. Anyway, I thought if I change my vote, it would pretty much be unanimous, so there you go: 7670.


Anonymous said...

The top (less bronzy) option looks better on my screen. That's my vote although I may have mine repainted anyway since they're both dull as doorknobs ;-)


Anonymous said...

An idea: is there any reason why we couldn't get the Snekka paint job on the Sogn, or vice-versa?

Garrett Belmont said...

I can see 7668 is well in the lead. But I will cast my vote for 7670. If a gray is too neutral (or too silver) imho it becomes too sterile and dare I say too thin.

I am imagining the difference between expensive and inexpensive silver cars. There is a palpable difference, and I think no one would argue the less expensive silver is the warmer or richer of the two.

I don't want to suggest that cheap is bad, or expensive is desirable, but there was a reason the Trek color was a little warm. It made all the difference. And I will agree that while some light the old Trek gray looks dingy, it never looks gold or reddish. Just warmer.

I will love my sogn either way. I'm just glad we are discussing grays.