Thursday, September 30, 2010

rSogn Top Three Colors

In no particular order:

1. Rawland Red:

2. Pewter

3. Blue (specify shade)

All metallic a la the Drakkar.



Anonymous said...

1. Pewter
2. Ice Blue
3. Rawland Red

stevep33 said...


Anonymous said...

1. Blue, dark cool shade (e.g. RAL 5013 or 5010)
2. Pewter grey

3. Rawland orangy-red

Anonymous said...

since I am undecided on an rSogn vs. Snekka I will vote on both.

1. RED!!!!
2-3. don't care. red is good.


Jon said...

Rawland Red!

Andrew said...

1. Red
2. Pewter

Joe said...


Michael_S said...

3.Dark Blue

If it's red, then make some unpainted frames and decals available.

alex wetmore said...

pewter or very dark blue (tie)

Russ said...

1. Pewter
2. Ice blue

Anonymous said...

1) Pewter
2) Rawland Red
3) Dark Blue


humblecyclist said...

1. Pewter
2. Dark Blue
3. Red

Bonde said...

1. Rawland red
2. Ice blue
3. Pewter

giant hogweed said...


Anonymous said...



John Grasty said...

Could someone link to some pewter bike somewhere so I can visualize this color.

bsk said...

rawland red

stevep33 said...

A red-pewter fade - bring back the 80's.

Lonny said...

1. red
2. pewter

Garrett Belmont said...

Ha ha late-80s fade. No, please, no. I wouldn't be able to find my old day-glow yellow bar tape with little black skulls.

1. Pewter
2. Red
3. Blue (dark and deeply saturated, not gray blue, and no periwinkle!)

rory said...

ice/light blue.

John Grasty said...

So is pewter a dark gray, medium gray, or light gray?

Anonymous said...

@John Grasty -- here is an old Trek in pewter:

DS, who had a Trek 720 in pewter that was "mehh" in his opinion as a color.

giant hogweed said...

I thought that pewter is a silvery grey

James Black said...

Pewter! That would be classy.

Second choice would be blue, either quite dark or pretty light, but not boring medium in value.

dgs said...

1. Pewter
2. An ice blue
3. Red

Anonymous said...

Here is a pewter frame:

Pewter can be on the silvery side or on the coppery side. Think of it as the poor man's titanium.


Anonymous said...

The pewter will go with all three Hetre colors. And black or silver components will be distinctive. I like it! But I already voted for



Seabiscuit said...

1. Dark blue (RAL 5010)
2. Ligher blue (RAL 5024)
3. Pewter

karl said...

1. Cobalt blue - I already have an ice-blue Bleriot, so I need something that isn't too close ;-)
2. Pewter - darker rather than lighter
3. Rawland red - already perfect.

John Grasty said...

After finally learning what pewter is, I have made my choice:

1. Rawland Red or Blue (dark or light–not Velo-Orange Mixte Medium Blue) whichever one is winning against pewter which seems to be winning.

John Grasty said...

In case anybody is wondering, here is my unofficial tally. (Half votes are when people had ties or other variations)

1st place: 12.5
2nd place: 4

1st place: 5
2nd place: 7

1st place: 6.5
2nd place: 2

Ryan said...

Finally, the important stuff!
First choice: Orange. If you copy the orange from a Bridgestone XO-1, I'll buy two.
Second choice would be either brown or clear coat (like some of the original Sogns)
Third choice Pink ( a nice dusty rose, not hot pink)

Please not Red. That's my biggest gripe with my current Sogn.

Ryan said... about a Rapha style black with pink details ;-)

jimmythefly said...

1. Blue RAL 5005
2. Pewter
3. Red

Anonymous said...

rawland red and the fork are what made me notice these bikes in the first place. so hot.

Michael_S said...

I assume the Pewter is darker than this?

oh... and ignore those Red votes.. they cn buy a used Sogn.


C said...

1) Dark blue
2) Pewter
3) Red

Anonymous said...

@Michael S--that's more of a metallic silver. You are correct that Pewter is darker. But it does have a range, from warmer to cooler, from more nickely-silver to more coppery undertones. I do think bare titanium looks pretty close to a pewter mug.

Maybe Sean will post a color sample tomorrow to give a rough idea, though computer screens are difficult when it comes to color consistencies...


Scott said...

Dark Blue, definitely dark blue!

I must say though, the Rawland Red on my cSogn has really grown on me. I like how the rSogn is coming together, very tempted.

Brencho said...

pewter, a darker blue, or even a dark purplish blue (?!)

Rob in Seattle said...

Make mine Pewter!

Second choice: ice (light) blue metallic

Third: Rawland red

..but I'm splittin' hairs. Custom paint option would be cool. I'm still thinking about RCP or chrome...but pewter would be just fine. Kinda like my lost '77 Raleigh Competition.